Chelton Capital is a global Financial Service Provider based in the City of London, providing valuable information to clients who are looking for alternative investment strategies. Covering a large spectrum of alternative strategies, Chelton offers exclusive access to investment solutions throughout market and economic cycles. It operates through regulated affiliated entities and partners based in the main financial centres. For this to happen, our experts have selected the most successful investment portfolio management services in collaboration with key regulated stakeholders and in compliance with applicable statutory provisions and a professional code of conduct.

Chelton Capital is supported by experienced investors and traders, as well as by investment consultants and developers of trading systems. Since inception, the company has built key strategic partnerships and works very efficiently with multiple vendors in the industry.

We are committed to helping all our clients to find the best strategy for managing and growing their capital and delivering unrivalled trading performance whilst focusing on reducing risk and sustaining consistent profitability over the long term.

Our service is directed only to persons as is described in Article 19 (investment professionals), Article 48 (certified high net worth individuals), Article 49 (high net worth companies, unincorporated associations etc.), Article 50 (sophisticated investors), Article 50A (self-certified sophisticated investors) and Article 51 (associations of high net worth or sophisticated investors) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (financial promotion) Order 2005.

Chelton Capital Limited is registered in England and Wales under No: 11493173

LEI No: 984500D1A491C464U943